Where art Meets Technology

As the owner of a Prime Lens Image, collection has over 9,999 unique skins drawn from the different missions and challenges he faced throughout his life.

The images has been taken by Steven Hodel in the traditional photographic style and edited in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Simply holding a Prime Lens NFT will give you access to seasonal airdrops, merchandise, physical and digital artworks, collectibles and more.

We understand the importance of the cross-over between these worlds and we truly believe to bridge these two together. Our goals will always be for the community – creating, building and innovating together with the commmunity.

The combination of photography and AI has opened up new possibilities for creating captivating visual experiences.

One such example is demonstrated in a video showcasing the changes in faces and expressions on a coffee cup. Through the use of AI, the video creates a dynamic and engaging visual narrative that brings the coffee cup to life.

This approach to photography and storytelling highlights the power of AI to transform our perception of the world around us and create new forms of art that blur the lines between reality and imagination.

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