Image Quality Guidelines

Our content editors review each file to check for basic technical and quality requirements. Please review the requirements below before uploading your files to Prime Lens.

Technical Requirements

Images on Prime Lens must have at least 3,000 pixels on their longer side. A higher resolution is always the better choice. Please refrain from upscaling too small images, because of unavoidable blurring.


You may only upload images to Prime Lens that you have entirely created on your own. For derivative works (e.g. remixes / composings), you may use images from Prime Lens, but no other sources are allowed. Particularly, do not copy images from “wallpaper sites” that claim to offer free images. Such images are well protected by copyrights. Also, if you have purchased images from a commercial stock site, you may have permission to use them in your own project, but it is prohibited to redistribute them as your own work. Also, do not copy images from other users on Prime Lens and upload them to your own account.

Derivative Works of Prime Lens Images

If you use an image from Prime Lens for your own work, we kindly request that you ask the original author for permission before uploading derivative works and isolations/cut-outs into your own account. This is legally not required, but it is polite and fair. Please respect the original author’s decision. Prime Lens offers over a million images to choose from, so there are plenty of alternative resources available. If you publish such a work, please give credit to the original author in the first comment. The image author will be happy to see this and it is an interesting information for users.

Visual Requirements

Any image on Prime Lens must have a well defined subject, clear focus, and compelling colors. Unintentional blurriness, extreme angles or crookedness, chromatic aberration, JPEG compression artifacts, and image noise must be avoided – just like any kind of embedded text, particularly time stamps, signatures and logos.